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Friday, 19 September 2014
The Zachman Framework™ Standards

The Zachman Framework™ Enterprise Architecture Standards V2.01

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These standards outline the necessary components to describe an architecture to build an enterprise. These standards apply the logic, classification, structure and semantics of The Zachman Framework™ that bring more discipline to the field of enterprise architecture. Although there are many approaches to enterprise architecture in today’s world, these are the first standards that were developed with John Zachman’s expertise, direct oversight and endorsement of the standards.

The purpose of these standards is to bring clarification, a business orientation, consistency, differentiation and establish a benchmark for certification. To further understand the underlying rationale for this material, John has written an article:

The Zachman Framework™ Standards: What's it all about?

During the past decade we have had the opportunity to have the international community of practice contribute to more clarification in this ongoing effort. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance in the development of this material by Zachman Framework Associates™ and SIL International (the foremost authority in language development).

It is expected that the architects and methodologists in the enterprise will consistently elaborate these base standards to describe their current practices, and be certified as compliant for local use. Subsequently, that this knowledge will be shared with the wider enterprise architecture community of practice, by having the elaboration certified as an industry wide compliant or ultimately introduced as detailed elaboration to the base standard.